4 of the Most Notable Types of Trees in Philadelphia

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property in Philadelphia. They provide habitat for wildlife, clean the air, and conserve the soil.

If you want to plant new trees and improve your landscaping, you’re probably wondering which types of trees in Philadelphia are best suited to the local climate, with its humid summers and cold and snowy winters. Or maybe you’ve seen a striking tree while exploring a local park and want to know what it’s called.

As one of the best tree service professionals in Philadelphia, we at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service feel obliged to share the most notable tree species found in our city.

Common Types of Trees in Philadelphia

From Philadelphia parks to private lawns, here are some of the most beautiful and popular trees you’ll find in Philadelphia.

Atlas Cedar

The Atlas cedar is one of the most captivating trees in Philadelphia. This large tree, which can reach a height of up to 60 feet, requires plenty of space to grow to its full potential.

Depending on the cultivar, or variety, Atlas cedars can vary in color from silvery blue to light green. This evergreen tree, native to Morocco, thrives in well-drained soils and dry environments. The Atlas cedar requires minimal maintenance and is naturally resistant to many pests.

Ginkgo Biloba

Another common tree you can find around Philadelphia is the famous Ginkgo biloba. It grows slowly and can reach a height of 80 feet. The Ginkgo is one of the oldest living trees, with a lifespan of up to one thousand years.

While it may struggle to adapt to a new environment, once it does, this tree will beautify the area with its yellowish gold color and fan-shaped leaves. It is easy to care for the Ginkgo, as it is resistant to insect problems and diseases.

Southern Magnolia 

Southern magnolia is another notable Philadelphia tree. It can grow to a moderate size of up to 50 feet. Some people call it a “little gem” because it is rare to see in parks or yards. The Southern magnolia requires extra care and attention in this climate and is more commonly found in the southeastern United States.

If you don’t mind the necessary tree care, the Southern magnolia can be an excellent addition to any property due to its attractive flowers, glossy oval leaves, and unique shape. When planting, make sure to plant it in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.

While these plants are often insect-free, they require frequent application of antidessicants every winter to minimize damage.

Kousa Dogwood

While the previous trees in Philadelphia we’ve listed are big, the Kousa dogwood is smaller, reaching a maximum height of 20 feet. It flowers in late spring, around May or June, and has a unique pink color.

In September, you may notice red fruits giving ornamental value to the tree. The Kousa dogwood requires plenty of sunlight and acidic soil. It makes a perfect addition to any property or private yard.

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