What You Should Do Before and After Tree Removal by Professionals

Trees are worthy investments that enhance the appearance and privacy of our outdoor areas. But unfortunately, every tree falls victim to disease or old age, making tree removals an eventual necessity. And while a professional team can handle the hard part of tree cutting and disposal, it’s best to take steps yourself to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Read below to learn how to prepare for before and after tree removal, including the planning you should take before your tree removal contractors in Philadelphia, PA, arrive and the maintenance you’ll need to perform after they leave.

Before: Clean and Protect the Area

It’s impossible to keep debris from falling during tree-removal treatments, so every scattered or unprotected outdoor belonging near the tree will potentially break if you don’t relocate or protect it. 

You’ll want to relocate all your movable outdoor objects into your home or away from the removal zone before the tree trimming team arrives. Remember, trees are bigger than they look while upright, so it’s best to be cautious and move everything as far away as possible, ideally a distance two times the height of the tree. 

If you can’t relocate your items, the next best move is to protect them with whatever coverings you have. If you want to be extra cautious, speak with your neighbors beforehand to warn them to move or protect their outdoor items as well.

Before: Make Space for the Crew

Professional tree stump removal requires a handful of employees and a lot of heavy, space-eating equipment. So your next step after you’ve secured your belongings should be to make enough space for the removal crew to operate their equipment. 

The best ways to create outdoor space are to ensure your yard is completely clear of obstacles, relocate vehicles from your driveway and garage, and create space on the street if at all possible.

After: Get Rid of the Stump

One of the most challenging steps both before and after tree removal is getting rid of the left-behind stump wood. In fact, many people find the best way to remove their tree stump is to schedule another tree service. But you can try a few at-home removal methods if you want to remove that pesky stump on your own. 

The most effective method is to use mechanical tools like a chainsaw and stump grinder. However, stump removal equipment is often expensive and requires heavy training and personal protective equipment to operate safely. You can also attempt to remove the stump chemically with potassium nitrate, but you’ll need to wait six weeks before the stump comes out with minimal resistance.

After: Fill or Reseed the Area

Stumps from large trees will leave a massive hole when you uproot them, which is an eyesore and severe tripping hazard. So, the final step in your tree removal journey should be to fill that hole. 

Before doing anything else, ensure you’ve removed all debris left behind from the earlier steps, including wood chips and branches. Once the space is clean, you can fill the hole with soil, reseed the area, and finally say goodbye to your decaying tree.

Expert Tree Removal From Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service

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You’ll receive all the positive effects of tree removal at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service without the hassle. So call us today at (215) 764-5509 for a free estimate.

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