What Is a Reasonable Price for Tree Trimming?

Our trees provide us with many benefits, and as with everything else on our property, they require the proper care and maintenance. Tree services like trimming will not only prevent potential issues from arising but can also boost a home’s visual appeal. 

Many homeowners ask, “What is a reasonable price for tree trimming?” The average cost ranges from $315 to $700, with $475 being the most common cost. 

However, factors like a tree’s size can impact the total cost. For example, trees 30 feet or smaller may only call for $75, while tall trees can cost $1200 or more. We’ll dive into what factors affect trimming prices and why to call Philadelphia’s top-rated trimmers

Factors That Can Impact Tree Trimming Costs

Various factors can impact tree trimming costs which we will now explore. 

Tree Inspections

Most arborists recommend you receive a tree inspection at least once a year. A tree inspection will evaluate your tree’s overall health by looking at elements such as: 

  • Its bark 
  • Its branches
  • Its overall structure
  • The soil surrounding the tree

This inspection can determine if your tree has any diseases or infections, gets enough water, etc. While very important, tree inspections typically add up to $150. 

The Type of Tree

Alongside size, the type of tree can also affect total trimming costs. For example, multi-trunk trees require greater care, and wood like maple is more difficult to trim. 

The Tree’s Location 

Trees sitting in an open space will be much easier to trim than those surrounded by objects. One major factor is whether your tree sits close to power lines. 

When power lines are present, an arborist needs to take extra measures. Falling branches hitting power lines proves a huge safety hazard and may require additional equipment and time. These additions will impact your bill in the end. 

Your Tree’s Health 

A tree’s health can significantly impact its overall stability. For example, a damaged or dead tree is more susceptible to lightning strikes, extreme weather, pest infestations, diseases, etc. 

These factors can put your tree trimmer’s safety at risk, requiring them to employ additional precautions and raise your bill. 

The presence of pests can also influence the cost, as a tree hosting ants or woodpeckers is more likely to rot on the inside. Besides being unpleasant, pests also impact your tree’s stability. 

The Number of Trees

Of course, the more trees you schedule for trimming, the higher your bill will be. However, when asking, “What is a reasonable price for tree trimming?” it’s important to note that many tree trimming services offer discounts for multiple trees. 

While your bill might be more expensive initially, you can save in the long run if you decide to trim multiple trees in a single session. 

If You Need Additional Treatments 

Tree trimming typically serves as just the first step for most homeowners, and chances increase that they’ll require additional services. One cost you can expect stems from having to haul away any trimmed branches. This process will translate into an extra charge when handled by a professional. 

Other additional treatments might include: 

  • Tree pruning
  • Pest control 
  • Soil remediation 
  • Fertilization 

Occasionally, an arborist might recommend you remove a tree altogether. Although most services only recommend this option as a last resort, tree removal is sometimes the correct route. 

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