What Is an Arborist, and When Do You Need One?

What Is an Arborist, and When Do You Need One?

So you’ve got some trees on your property, and you’re wondering if there’s anything you need to do to maintain them. You’ve probably asked “what is an arborist” before, but you might not have gotten a clear answer.

An arborist is a professional who specializes in the care of trees. They are trained in the proper pruning, fertilizing, and overall tree health techniques. Arborists can also provide advice on the best type of tree for your landscape and how to plant it properly.

What Do Arborists Do?

The primary job of an arborist is to maintain the life and health of trees. This job includes pruning branches, removing diseased or dead wood, and applying fertilizer. Arborists also provide guidance on the best type of tree for your property and how to plant it properly.

Choosing an arborist in Philadelphia from Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service can save you money and time when it comes to the health of your trees.

How Does Someone Get Certified?

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the primary organization that certifies arborists. An arborist must have three years of full-time experience working with trees or a bachelor’s degree in arboriculture, horticulture, or forestry.

They must also pass an exam covering tree biology, tree identification, and proper pruning techniques.

What Services Do They Offer?

There are a variety of services that an arborist can do. These include:

  • Pruning: This is the process of removing dead, diseased, or unwanted branches from a tree. Proper pruning can improve the tree’s health, shape, and appearance.
  • Fertilizing: This process involves applying nutrients to the soil to help the tree grow.
  • Bracing and cabling: This process works well to support damaged or weak branches. It can prevent them from falling and breaking.
  • Tree Removal: This is the last resort option, only used when the tree is beyond repair and poses a danger to people or property.

When Should You Call an Arborist?

There are a few different situations when it would be a good idea to call after asking, “what is an arborist.”

If you have a tree in poor health or showing signs of pest infestation, an arborist can examine it and provide the proper treatment to cure it.

If you want advice on selecting and planting a new woody plant, an arborist can help you choose the best species for your landscape and guide how to grow it properly.

If you have a tree growing too close to power lines, your home, or other structures on your property, an arborist can help you have it pruned or removed safely.

Tree professionals can also guide on caring for trees after a storm. If your tree has damage from high winds or heavy snow, an arborist can help you assess the damage and determine the best action for individual trees on your property.

In general, it’s a good idea to call an arborist whenever you have questions or concerns about the trees on your property. They can provide expert guidance that will help you to keep your trees looking their best and healthy.

Call Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service in Philadelphia, PA

Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service offers a wide range of arborist services to help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees. Our certified arborists are experienced in all aspects of emergency tree care and can provide the expert advice you need to keep your trees looking their best.

They can also help you to choose the best type of tree for your property or teach things like how to learn more about codominant trees.

Call us today at (215) 764-5509 to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to answer any of your questions like “what is an arborist” and help you find the best solution for your tree care needs.

5 Unexpected Ways a Tree Maintenance Service Can Improve Your Neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA

5 Unexpected Ways a Tree Maintenance Service Can Improve Your Neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA

The neighborhood where you can find your home is a special place for you and your family. It has the ability to make you feel even more comfortable than your home already does. Whether you are having a pool party in your neighbor’s yard or a block party celebration in the cul-de-sac, your neighborhood should be a safe and welcoming place for everyone on the block.

Because of the warm feelings you have for your neighbors, yard and tree maintenance is an important aspect of keeping that atmosphere going. Proper tree care can have a huge impact on your overall neighborhood, not just your yard. If you are looking for a comprehensive tree services company in the Philadelphia area, look no further than Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, providing exceptional local tree services in the Philadelphia area.

At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, our team of certified arborists is highly trained and skilled in all aspects of the tree service industry. We offer various tree services for commercial and residential clients, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting, land clearing, stump grinding, stump removal services, and emergency tree services.

Benefits of Hiring Tree Trimming Professionals for Your Home’s Tree Service Needs

There are many benefits to hiring tree service companies to complete the necessary tree care tasks on your private property and within your neighborhood. Some of these advantages include:

  • Years of experience

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

  • Friendly and helpful support and customer service

  • Stress-free experience for all tree services

  • Affordable tree care services and free estimates for all projects

  • Quick response for any tree care needs

  • Family-owned and operated, so we understand how important tree removal services and other tree care are to your home

  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

When you are searching for a company with expertise in providing tree services for homeowners in the Philadelphia area, contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service to find out more about all of our tree removal and other services.

5 Ways Expert Tree Services Improve Your Philadelphia, PA, Neighborhood

Although taking care of your landscaping and the trees on your property is great for your own home’s aesthetic appeal, having extremely professional ISA-certified arborists keep your large trees and other plants in great shape can vastly improve your neighborhood as well.

Here are some of the ways that you may not have expected the popular services we offer at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service to benefit your Philadelphia neighborhood:

  • Increasing property values: Property values increased in neighborhoods with large trees planted throughout the area. Homeowners are able to sell their homes for higher prices when the neighborhood has trees as a valuable asset.

  • Decreasing crime in the neighborhood: In addition to property values increase because of tree cover, large trees in the neighborhood reduce property crimes so you and your neighbors can feel safer in your homes.

  • Keeping the neighborhood quieter: With ample tree cover, the surrounding noise from the city is buffered. The neighborhood will be quieter overall so that you and your neighbors can better concentrate and enjoy the home and community in which you have invested your money, time, and energy.

  • Energy savings and less pollution through shade: Trees, as most people are well-aware, provide vast shade, especially when the leaves are fully covering the neighborhood. Homes that have shade from large trees have noticeably lower energy bills. Additionally, the shade from a large tree protects the pavement below the tree from harmful UV rays. That means that streets will need to be paved less often, reducing pollution for your neighborhood.

  • Improved air quality: As part of the plant world, trees produce oxygen and eliminate the contaminants in the air. By purifying the air, your neighborhood’s air quality will be improved so that you and your neighbors can live happier and healthier lives.

Professional tree companies are well-aware of all of these neighborhood improvements and many more. At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, we provide excellent service to each property owner and work diligently to ensure that dead trees are removed properly (complete with tree stump removal), damaged trees with dead limbs are taken care of, and new trees are planted correctly.

All of our tree services are completed by a certified arborist, and you can rest assured that you and your neighbors will be able to reap the many benefits of great tree care. Contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service to get a free quote for any service you may need for your Philadelphia home.

Contact Us for Tree Removal and Other Philadelphia Tree Services

If you are a homeowner in the Philadelphia, PA, area looking for an experienced tree service company to provide you with the services you need to improve the look and overall feeling of your neighborhood, contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to remove trees, trim and prune your trees, and ensure that your landscaping is in the best possible condition.

Our team at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service that you will be 100% satisfied with all year long. With certified arborists are our staff, you can rest assured that your yard and landscaping are in great hands. There are various benefits for your neighborhood when it comes to keeping the trees and other plant life in your yard well-maintained.

Contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service today to learn more about all of our landscaping and yard care services. Whether you have storm damage that needs to be fixed or your lawn needs regular maintenance, our team is here to help you with all of your tree care needs. Call today to schedule an appointment for your Philadelphia home!

5 Unexpected Ways a Tree Maintenance Service Can Improve Your Neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA

4 Tree Pruning Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy in Bensalem

When you own property in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, it is important to maintain the trees, shrubs, and other plant life that have been incorporated into the landscape. Part of that lawn maintenance is tree pruning. A properly maintained lawn adds great value to your property, improves the property’s aesthetic, and ensures that you have a yard to be proud of whenever the neighbors walk by.

Pruning trees is an activity that needs to be done regularly, depending on the types of trees you have growing in your yard (fruit trees, shade trees, deciduous trees, etc.), the age of the trees (pruning young trees or newly planted trees is different than caring for mature trees), and the season of the year.

To prune trees correctly and to ensure that they are not harmed in the process, you must be able to use the proper pruning techniques. Most homeowners and other property owners are not familiar with these techniques because they have not been trained or certified as ISA-certified arborists. At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service in Bensalem, PA, our team has the experience and skills to prune a tree and keep your trees as healthy as possible.

What Is Pruning?

Pruning a tree is a tree care process that focuses on the tree’s health and the tree’s natural form, and beauty. The main focus of pruning is to remove dead branches or diseased branches to improve the tree’s overall health. This promotes better and stronger growth and protects the tree from pests and diseases.

Additionally, pruning requires careful consideration of the tree’s branches. If there are too many branches or crossing branches, this can interfere with other tree parts and healthy growth.

A healthy tree could become diseased or infested with pests if done incorrectly. Fruit will no longer be able to develop on those types of trees, and the tree’s growth could be halted. In extreme cases where the wrong tree limbs were removed, or branch stubs were left exposed, the tree could die. This is why pruning should be done by a tree care professional with the right pruning shears and using the right pruning method.

How Is Tree Pruning Different than Tree Trimming?

The terms “tree pruning” and “tree trimming” are often used interchangeably, but they are two different tree care activities. When you trim trees, the main focus is on the look and shape of the tree related to your overall landscaping aesthetic. To help them grow shapely and healthy, a few branches may need to be trimmed if they begin to grow unbalanced or distorted.

Unlike trimming, pruning tree branches helps them grow stronger and keeps them as healthy as possible. It protects them from pests and disease, and the aesthetic appeal is of secondary importance. It is very important to know the botanical needs of the specific trees you have on your property.

Why Is It Important to Prune Trees with Dead or Broken Branches?

When you prune dead, diseased, or broken branches from the tree trunk, you will be improving the overall health of the tree. Whether you have a young tree or a mature one, removing any growth that makes it difficult for the rest of the tree to grow and flourish will benefit the plant. It will boost the production of flowers and help a fruit tree yield its crop.

Tips for Pruning Trees in Bensalem, PA

Here are four helpful tips to ensure that you are pruning in the right way for the benefit of your trees:

  • Be sure to cut on the branch collar (or stem collar) that grows from the stem at the base. It promotes faster healing for the tree and protects anything that may be growing and flourishing.

  • Make sure to have your trees pruned using the triple cut method. You will start with a small wedge cut under the branch, followed by removing the branch about 6 to 12 inches from the wedge cut. This will leave the stub end. Your final cut will be at the trunk to finally finish the branch removal.

  • Use the right tools for the job, depending on your trees. Lopping tools are great for trees and large shrubs since you get good coverage with minimal effort. You can also use anvil blades for blunt cuts of dead limbs and old growth.

  • Contact tree care professionals if you are unsure when or how to prune and trim your trees properly. Rather than risk harming your trees, be sure to enlist the help of professional arborists to take care of all of your pruning needs since they have the knowledge and training necessary to take great care of your plants.

If you are looking for experts in the tree care industry, contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service in Bensalem, PA.

Contact Us for Proper Pruning and Other Tree Care Services

At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, we have experienced and professional arborists on our staff who are ready to come to the aid of your tree care problems. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service and support, and you will always know when our team is expected to arrive for any service you require.

We offer competitive and affordable prices and fast response, especially in emergencies like a fallen tree or major storm. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for any of our great services, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about tree pruning and our other essential tree care services in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Our licensed and insured team is ready to help.

What You Should Do Before and After Tree Removal by Professionals

What You Should Do Before and After Tree Removal by Professionals

Trees are worthy investments that enhance the appearance and privacy of our outdoor areas. But unfortunately, every tree falls victim to disease or old age, making tree removals an eventual necessity. And while a professional team can handle the hard part of tree cutting and disposal, it’s best to take steps yourself to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Read below to learn how to prepare for before and after tree removal, including the planning you should take before your tree removal contractors in Philadelphia, PA, arrive and the maintenance you’ll need to perform after they leave.

Before: Clean and Protect the Area

It’s impossible to keep debris from falling during tree-removal treatments, so every scattered or unprotected outdoor belonging near the tree will potentially break if you don’t relocate or protect it. 

You’ll want to relocate all your movable outdoor objects into your home or away from the removal zone before the tree trimming team arrives. Remember, trees are bigger than they look while upright, so it’s best to be cautious and move everything as far away as possible, ideally a distance two times the height of the tree. 

If you can’t relocate your items, the next best move is to protect them with whatever coverings you have. If you want to be extra cautious, speak with your neighbors beforehand to warn them to move or protect their outdoor items as well.

Before: Make Space for the Crew

Professional tree stump removal requires a handful of employees and a lot of heavy, space-eating equipment. So your next step after you’ve secured your belongings should be to make enough space for the removal crew to operate their equipment. 

The best ways to create outdoor space are to ensure your yard is completely clear of obstacles, relocate vehicles from your driveway and garage, and create space on the street if at all possible.

After: Get Rid of the Stump

One of the most challenging steps both before and after tree removal is getting rid of the left-behind stump wood. In fact, many people find the best way to remove their tree stump is to schedule another tree service. But you can try a few at-home removal methods if you want to remove that pesky stump on your own. 

The most effective method is to use mechanical tools like a chainsaw and stump grinder. However, stump removal equipment is often expensive and requires heavy training and personal protective equipment to operate safely. You can also attempt to remove the stump chemically with potassium nitrate, but you’ll need to wait six weeks before the stump comes out with minimal resistance.

After: Fill or Reseed the Area

Stumps from large trees will leave a massive hole when you uproot them, which is an eyesore and severe tripping hazard. So, the final step in your tree removal journey should be to fill that hole. 

Before doing anything else, ensure you’ve removed all debris left behind from the earlier steps, including wood chips and branches. Once the space is clean, you can fill the hole with soil, reseed the area, and finally say goodbye to your decaying tree.

Expert Tree Removal From Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service

For expert assistance for every step before and after tree removal, including professional land clearing services, stump removal, tree cutting, and even more, look no further than Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service. Our team will remove your tree as safely as possible, with the security of your family and belongings our top priority throughout the process. 

You’ll receive all the positive effects of tree removal at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service without the hassle. So call us today at (215) 764-5509 for a free estimate.

5 Unexpected Ways a Tree Maintenance Service Can Improve Your Neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA

11 Ways To Get Your Tree Pruned On Time

Tree care services are beneficial if you want your property’s trees to be healthy, look their best, and avoid becoming a safety hazard. To prevent the tree from being harmed or exposed to disease and rot, tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal services should be performed appropriately and at the appropriate times.

Tree pruning improves the appearance of practically any landscape tree or shrub. Trees that have been cut well are more substantial and healthier. People and property are at risk from dead branches, unhealthy trees, and weak limbs. Trimming the trees on your lawn ensures that your family and friends are secure. 

When it comes to quality and economical best tree services in Bensalem, PA, Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service take pleasure in being the number one option of residential and commercial property owners.

Below are some of the ways to get your tree pruned:

11 Ways To Get Tree Pruning Bensalem PA Services On Time

When trees remain dormant, ideally in late winter or early spring, it is the most incredible time to prune them before buds begin to form.

1) Crown Thinning


A professional Perfoming Tree Trimming Services

Thinning is the most common method of cutting mature trees. It increases air circulation and allows more sunlight. When a tree’s crown is trimmed to remove specific live branches, the tree’s overall density is reduced. Wind, ice, and snow can all strain some branches. Crown thinning tree service goal is not to change the size or shape of the tree and should therefore be done consistently.

Large trees should have end parts of limbs between 1 and 4 inches in diameter removed. To trim out beautiful landscape trees and fruit trees, cut smaller stems between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick.

Hiring the best tree service companies in the Bensalem pa area is highly recommended for a timely and excellent job.

2) Crown Reduction


Tree Services In Bensalem PA

Crown reduction is a way to trim older and more mature trees. It would be best if you made Crown reduction in time to ensure proper circulation of sunlight.

It can aid in the strengthening of the tree and the promotion of new growth. While crown thinning diminishes branches and foliage, crown reduction is made to remove old growth and promote new growth. Smaller cuts are used, and more small crown is taken, leaving enough old-growth for support. Consider employing certified arborists for tree pruning or tree removal service for complete satisfaction.

3) Dead Pruning


Tree Arborist Pruning A Dead Tree

Having trees on your property necessitates the removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches, and you should do it in time. Dead cutting not only removes infected limbs but also improves the aesthetic of your trees, enhancing the curb appeal of your backyard and the entire house immediately. Removing all dead branches reduces the risk of harm to you and your property. Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service is the one-stop firm if you need an excellent job removing and cutting the dead trees if you’re in Bensalem, pa.

4) Crown Lifting


A Professional Cutting Trees

Crown lifting is one of the pruning techniques you should regularly use to remove low-hanging branches and limbs weighing down the taller branches. It’s usually done for trees that lean over sidewalks, roadways, or even your house. However, because this procedure is detrimental to older and more mature trees, you should only do it on younger trees. Crown lifting allows your trees to blend in with the rest of your landscaping, resulting in a well-kept and healthy tree. Hire an efficient professional in his approach for tree work services in Bensalem, PA.

5) Pollarding

Pollarding is another pruning technique that involves removing all branches from the parent stem and leaving only a framework of secondary branches. Pollarding your trees begins while they are young and continues at regular intervals throughout their lifetimes—this method of trimming guarantees a continual supply of small diameter poles while preventing your tree from dying. Pollarding should only be carried out by a team of experienced professionals familiar with tree services.

6) Coppicing

Coppicing pruning is the practice of pruning trees or shrubs in such a way that they produce new shoots from the root, suckers, or stumps. It should be done to ensure that wood harvests are sustainable. The tree is pruned, and new shoots emerge. The shoots can grow for several years before being clipped, resuming the cycle. To encourage branches to sprout again from the stump, you should engage a tree company with experience in stump removal.

7) Remove Branches That Cut Across Each Other In The Canopy

The canopy is where most of the activity takes place, and it’s here that you should avoid having branches cross each other. Removing branches in the crown of the tree will not only let more air and light into the canopy, but it will also allow your fruit to thrive. Tree cutting services are available at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Services, stump grinding, block clearance, and crane service. You can also contact us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

8) Crown Restoration

This is one of the pruning methods required for trees that have been damaged by storms or vandalism. Branches are pruned back into smaller-than-normal lateral branches to keep the tree’s original shape. Depending on the tree species being pruned and the degree of damage, crown repair specifications might vary significantly. If you observe a tree damaged by a storm, you should obtain crown repair service in Bensalem, PA, from a team with adequate expertise.

9) Canopy Cleaning

Canopy cleaning is the practice of removing all dead and damaged branches. This is the most extensive sort of tree cutting or pruning. It would be best to do it at any time and by educated professionals. Cleaning the tree crown strengthens the entire tree and protects the tree and surrounding property from future damage while improving the overall safety of your landscape.

10) Drop Crotching

This pruning method is also a thinning used to minimize the size of huge trees, and it entails cutting the main branch back to a large, lateral branch. Drop crotching necessitates a series of the tree cuts to prevent breaking the bark along with the leading truck and seriously hurting the tree.

11) Remove Branches That Are Growing Towards The Ground

Branches that grow toward the ground absorb more water, depleting the tree’s energy source. As a result, any branch that looks to be growing at or near 90 degrees to the ground should be pruned.


We have qualified tree care experts on staff at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service to give outstanding tree trimming services in Bensalem, PA. We use ropes, safety harnesses, and bucket trucks to prune trees safely and effectively safeguard their health. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick response for tree trimming, pruning, or general tree care services. 


Uplift Your Yard’s Outlook with the Right Arborist – Bensalem, PA

Uplift Your Yard’s Outlook with the Right Arborist – Bensalem, PA

When you own a home with plenty of land for your front and back yards or have a good amount of property, it is important to take excellent care of the landscaping, trees, plants, and other greenery on that land. Depending on your lifestyle, job, and extra time, you may not have the energy or desire to complete regular or routine maintenance for the upkeep of your property.

If you need professional services in Bensalem, PA, for your property, there are plenty of tree service companies that you can choose from. Deciding which tree service company you will entrust with the upkeep of your property is an important task, and the specialists at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service are here to help make that choice a bit easier.

At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, our tree care services are second to none. We are dedicated to ensuring all of our customers are completely satisfied with the excellent job we do when keeping trees healthy and your property in great shape.

We also have a team of certified arborists who are well-trained and knowledgeable in all of the local plant life you may have on your property, and we use our skills and expertise to recommend the right tree work for your land.

What Is a Certified Arborist?

When individuals take the time and energy to achieve certification from the International Society of Arboriculture, they are determined to learn all there is to know about tree care. Certified arborists can be recognized for their knowledge of tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, and other subjects related to the tree care industry.

At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service, we make sure that we have ISA-certified arborists on staff because that lets our customers know that the health and well-being of their trees are of the utmost importance to us. Our arborists can examine a tree, determine any health issues present in that tree, and recommend the best course of action for that tree.

What Tree Services in Bensalem, PA, Can an Arborist Provide?

Tree services in Bensalem, PA, that a certified arborist can provide for residential and commercial customers include tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, emergency tree care services, planting new trees to replace dead trees, and other services like preventive maintenance, cabling, and bracing, and soil aeration.

Tree Trimming

Trimming the branches of a tree is usually done seasonally. It needs to be completed by an individual with training and knowledge of the particular species of tree that is being trimmed. An arborist will look over the health of a tree and identify dead or dying branches that should be trimmed to prevent damage to homes, property, and people.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is another tree service that a trained and certified arborist should do because it can only be done at particular parts of the season. It is a practice that improves the health of the tree and the appearance and safety of the plant.

Tree Removal

When a tree is dead or dying and could pose a potential threat to the property or other plants around it, a tree removal service may be necessary. With trained arborists evaluating your property, they can recommend when tree removal services are needed. They can also tell you the difference between stump removal and stump grinding so you can decide which is better for your property.

Emergency Tree Care Services

When trees have been damaged by a storm or other type of disaster, they may need emergency tree care services. Local businesses and homes are often grateful when an arborist can save a tree that has been damaged through their expert tree services.


Once dead trees have been removed or decided to change your landscaping design, professionals should plant new trees to give them the best chance for a healthy start. We all want our landscaping investments to be fruitful and grow to maturity, and an arborist can ensure that a team does an amazing job when planting your new trees and keeping those trees healthy.

Hire Get Tree Services from Certified Arborists?

Although you could potentially complete these tree care services independently, you may not have the experience or expertise that certified arborists do. Without their qualifications, you may never be fully sure that your trees will continue to be healthy and happy in your yard or on your property.

It is highly recommended that you enlist the assistance of the professionals with verified reviews and a quick response time to give you peace of mind concerning your landscaping.

Contact Our Tree Service Company for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service in Bensalem, PA, our tree care business is dedicated to helping residents and commercial property owners care for their trees and landscapes throughout the entire year. Our team is licensed and insured because safety is our top priority.

When you hire a business with these requirements met as well as a superb overall rating from our previous customers, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is in good hands. Whatever home project or business renovation you want to complete that concerns your yard, Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service is here to provide you with the exceptional tree services you need in Bensalem, PA.

Our team is available whenever you need us, from tree removal to land clearing, stump grinding, and emergency services. Our goal is complete satisfaction with our services, no matter what tree or landscaping project you are working on.

Contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service to request a free estimate from our landscaping specialists. We are happy to discuss our services with you and demonstrate how exceptional landscaping can greatly improve the beauty of your home and increase its value.

Call now to learn more.

Codominant Tree: Dangers and What to Do

Codominant Tree: Dangers and What to Do

Codominance isn’t always a problem, but it can be harmful to the tree’s structure in some cases. If you’ve ever seen a tree with two stems growing out of the trunk, then you’ve seen a codominant tree before. It’s a common problem when trees grow farther apart than they usually grow.

Do you have a damaged tree because of codominance? Call us today for a free quote for tree removal service in Philadelphia from Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Services.

What Is a Codominant Tree?

A codominant tree is when two or more stems grow from the same trunk in separate directions. A codominant stem doesn’t mean that you don’t have healthy trees. A codominant tree can grow successfully, but this depends on how the branches grow from the trunk.

There are two identifiable shapes to codominant trees, and one is far more structurally sound than the other. A V-shaped stem suggests that the tree is likely to fail, while a U-shaped branch gives the tree a much better chance of survival.


When you see a V-shaped stem, you should be concerned for your tree’s longevity. In these trees, bark will get wedged between the two stems, pushing the two limbs further apart. Eventually, this will cause the branches to crack.

U Shaped

If the two stems join in a U-shaped stem, the tree is more likely to be structurally stable. In this case, the bark isn’t trapped and instead creates a bark ridge, which protects the trunk from decay.

Are Codominant Trees Dangerous?

Depending on the tree’s location, a codominant tree can be a potential hazard. If it’s too close to a building or yard where children play, for example, you should address the problem before anything dangerous happens.

The biggest concern as far as dangers go is falling limbs. The branches aren’t nearly as stable in a codominant tree as an individual tree. A heavy wind coming through could be enough to cause one limb to crack and fall.

Can You Prevent a Codominant Stem?

Structural pruning is the technique used to guide the tree into growing a solid and proper form. It helps if you act sooner rather than later when dealing with codominant trees. That means you should start pruning when a tree is young if it shows signs of growing two stems.

Once a tree matures, it becomes more complicated, requiring more significant pruning cuts, cabling, and other tools. It should come without saying that with that added work comes an added cost, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything for a matured tree. The sooner you start structural pruning, the less it will cost you, in the long run, to keep your tree healthy and growing properly.  

Does Structural Pruning Work on Mature Trees?

If you already have a mature tree on your property with a concerning codominant stem, you will want to address it before it becomes a problem. In the case of a V-shaped stem, calling a trusted tree service is usually better than attempting to prune the tree yourself since they can better tell which branch to cut away and which to leave.

In some cases, a structural support system is better than attempting to prune a matured tree. The supports include steel cables or rods installed between the stems. The wires or rods reduce movement, which improves wind resistance to improve the trees’ structural integrity.

Call us today at (215) 746-5509 to learn more about arborist services in the Philadelphia area.

Know When to Call An Emergency Tree Service Near Me – Bensalem, PA

Know When to Call An Emergency Tree Service Near Me – Bensalem, PA

Regularly, trees need to be removed from residential or commercial property for several reasons. The tree could be diseased or damaged, making it dangerous to have in the yard. In other circumstances, the tree might be in the way of starting a new construction project, so it needs to be removed from the property. These situations can all be planned, and a good tree service can be contacted to schedule the tree removal. Stump removal or stump grinding can also be scheduled during that time.

Unfortunately, emergencies can and do occur that a property owner cannot plan for or predict. The circumstances often involve severe inclement weather like a storm or the after-effects of a hurricane coming from the coast (we do not get hurricanes in Pennsylvania, but we certainly feel their windy and rainy after effects)!

Whether it is the whole tree being uprooted by the forces of a tornado or a large branch being ripped off and dropped in your yard or on your roof, it is time to call the emergency tree care services of experienced Bucks County landscape contractors. In Bensalem, PA, the professional services of our team at Mercado Landscaping are always available to residents and business owners in the area for emergencies.

What Constitutes a Tree Removal Emergency?

There are various situations where tree removal can be considered an emergency even if there have been no major storms or natural disasters that made the need obvious. These can include unusual leaning, diseased or damaged tree roots, power line interruptions, and tree trunk issues.

At Mercado Landscaping in Bensalem, PA, our certified team will do an excellent job determining if you need their emergency services, and we guarantee complete satisfaction for our tree work.

When Should I Call Professional Tree Services?

One of the primary reasons homeowners and business owners contact us for an emergency tree service is when they notice that a large tree is leaning more than usual. If a tree is leaning with a 15% gradient or more, you may need an emergency tree service.

Another sign that there is a serious problem with a tree that should be removed as soon as possible is the decay or damage of tree roots. The roots can become diseased or damaged in many different ways, having serious repercussions. Without the strong support of the sources, the tree is very likely to die and then fall. Emergency tree services are required to prevent it from falling on your home.

If the roots are in good shape, a homeowner or business owner should also take note of the tree’s trunk. When 1/3 or more of the trunk is hollow, it may be time to remove the tree since it likely will be unable to live with that much missing. You should also note any cracks or cavities in the trunk or missing bark. Those can all be signs that there is structural damage to the tree.

Finally, the tree’s proximity to power lines can cause serious problems. The electricity can arc out up to 10 feet during storms, especially wet tree foliage like leaves. This can cause a ground out, loss of power, and property damage. Before starting your next home project near power lines, have a trained arborist examine the trees around your house.

Benefits of Hiring Bensalem, PA, Tree Service Companies

When you hire a professional tree service company to remove your trees or do any other type of tree care services like tree trimming, tree pruning, or land clearing, you can rest assured knowing that your landscaping is in good hands.

At Mercado Landscaping, our tree services in Bensalem, PA, can offer you various benefits with our excellent service, especially when it comes to tree removal. These benefits include:

  • On-call tree services 24/7 for any emergency with a quick response
  • Security knowing that the tree service company is licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Safety assured with the company’s experience and skill
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Free estimate
  • Homeowners do not have to risk their safety trying to make the tree service a DIY project.

It is wise to always call in the professionals for tree removal (and just about any other tree service you may need).

A certified arborist can make sure that the tree service crew does an amazing job and maintains the health and vitality of the surrounding trees. They also know when the best time is to care for the other plant life in your backyard with various tree services.

Tree removals can be dangerous due to the sheer size of some trees. To ensure that you, your family, and your structures remain safe, it is best to contact providers of professional tree services who come highly recommended with verified reviews.

Contact Us for Emergency Tree Removal Services in Bensalem, PA

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Bensalem, PA, and you need emergency tree removal services, contact Mercado Landscaping and Tree Services. We have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to remove the tree from your land most efficiently and effectively possible without causing damage to your house or the homes of your neighbors and other businesses in the area.

We understand the value of hard work dedication to our customers and always do an excellent job removing trees or performing other essential tree care services. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions and address all the concerns you may have. We know that price can be an issue, so we are pleased to discuss pricing with you over the phone and give you a free estimate on your lawn work.

Call today to learn more about our services and request a free quote.

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