Five Winter Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

Five Winter Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

Five Winter Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

The winter months can be harsh on your trees, from the snow and ice to the dehydration and sun scalding. Without proper winter tree care, not only will your trees not bloom as they should in spring, but they could also get sick and die.

To help you prevent this, our team at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service has put together a few winter tree care tips for homeowners in and around Philadelphia, PA.

Winter Tree Care Tips

Many homeowners get away with not doing any winter care for their trees. However, the following tips will protect your trees during this harsh season, helping them live long, healthy lives.

1. Prune Your Trees

Since trees go into dormancy during this period, winter is the best time to prune your trees. Pruning is essential for young trees because it helps them establish good structure and goes a long way in helping them prevent future damage like limb failure.

Remember to always turn to a professional tree service company whenever you want to prune your trees. Reach out to us today at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Care Service to experience why we are Philadelphia’s trusted tree service company.

2. Add a Layer of Mulch

Adding a layer of mulch at the base of your trees helps them retain warmth and moisture. We recommend using organic matter like wood chips combined with leaf matter.

Cover the soil with a three- to five-inch layer of mulch, ensuring that the layer is a few inches from the trunk’s base. This is because placing mulch at the trunk’s base will lead to excessive moisture, which can cause decay. Additionally, ensure that you extend the layer, creating a circle around the tree at least two feet in diameter.

3. Keep Watering the Trees

Using about 10-15 gallons per watering, water young trees each week or every two weeks. Besides helping them grow, doing so will also go a long way towards helping them recover from the stress of a transplant.

Water mature trees once a month using 10-15 gallons per inch of trunk diameter measured 4.5 feet from the ground. For instance, a tree with a five-inch diameter would need at least 50 gallons of water.

When watering your trees, remember to pour the water slowly to give it enough time to soak into the ground and prevent creating run-offs.

4. Protect Them from Freezing

As far as winter tree care tips go, protecting your trees from the cold can ensure their survival. Along with young trees, certain tropical and subtropical species can’t withstand freezing temperatures below 32 degrees F.

To protect your trees from freezing, you could use plastic tree guards or cover the trees with sheets or tarps that extend to the ground, trapping the earth’s accumulated warmth. Stakes and frames can help you minimize contact between the trees and the cover.

5. Tend to Weak Branches

Regularly look for weak branches that could potentially break. The dramatic temperature changes during winter can create microscopic cracks on branches, leaving them unable to withstand the weight of ice and snow.

You can use a broom to knock snow from the branches, gently brushing the snow off in an upward motion.

Certified Tree Services in Greater Philadelphia That You Can Rely On

The work you do before and during winter can be crucial to your tree’s survival. Fortunately, our team at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service is committed to offering you the winter tree care service you need to keep your trees strong and healthy all winter long.

Call us at Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service today at (215) 764-5509 and learn about the different types of trees in Philadelphia, PA, that we can service this winter.


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