3 Tree Pruning Guidelines That Pros Follow

3 Tree Pruning Guidelines That Pros Follow

3 Tree Pruning Guidelines That Pros Follow

Do you need tree trimming in Philadelphia? Caring for your trees increases property value, improves tree health, and encourages the growth of new, healthier branches.

Unpruned trees risk growing into power lines and developing weak branches. Learning the proper methods for trimming trees requires the help of tree experts. 

Expert tree pruning guidelines ensure your trees grow healthy branches and thrive for many years. Special equipment and techniques used by professional tree services remove weak and dying branches without reducing your trees’ lifespan.

Keep reading to learn the tree pruning guidelines employed by professional tree services. 

What Is Tree Pruning? 

Tree pruning refers to selectively removing branches from overgrown trees. Directional pruning removes weaker branches to increase the nutrients supplied to healthy branches. Weak and dying branches pose safety risks to your trees and the surrounding environment.

Untrimmed trees pose the following problems: 

  • Tree branches entwined in power lines 
  • Fallen branches
  • Poor soil health 
  • Insect infestations 
  • Rooftop moss growth 

Trees should receive pruning and trimming services once a year. Even if your trees don’t require extensive trimming, professional tree services can help customers understand their trees’ health and care for them all year long.

Contact local tree experts for trimming and pruning services in the late winter or spring when trees emerge from dormancy. 

3 Tree Pruning Guidelines Used by Professionals

Proper pruning cuts involve removing branches directly before the branch collar. The branch collar rests between the trunk and the dead branch of a tree. Invasive cuts into the stump damage trees, while stumps left behind develop cavities and rot.

The most common corrective prunings involve the following techniques: 

Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning techniques involve maximizing the amount of light and air reaching a tree’s canopy. Epicormic sprouts and small branch growth can obstruct light and air from reaching the tree trunk. Professional tree services remove no more than a quarter of the tree’s canopy to preserve the shape and health of the tree. 

Tree experts preserve strong U-shaped branches and remove weak V-shaped lateral branches. Included bark, or inwardly rolled bark weakening attachments between branches, can form between V-shaped branches if not pruned correctly. Tree pruning guidelines for crown thinning also recommend removing branches that overlap or cross one another. 

Crown Raising 

Crown raising refers to removing broken or weak branches growing from the bottom of the tree’s crown. Tree trimming experts utilize crown-raising techniques to clear tree branches from power lines, buildings, and walkways. If overhanging tree branches prevent light from reaching your roof, moss may develop on rooftops. 

Contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service for help crown raising your trees. Our experts utilize specialized equipment and techniques to protect your trees and property from damage. 

Crown Reduction 

Crown reduction remains the last resort for trees growing too large for their space. Tree experts carefully remove broken branches and lateral branches no less than one-third the diameter of the union branches. 

Crown reduction techniques prove more effective than tree-topping, an outdated approach that leaves trees susceptible to decay, rot, and harsh weather conditions.

To discover the tree trimming techniques best suited for your trees, contact Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service today! 

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Mercado’s Landscaping and Tree Service LLC provides reliable tree services in Philadelphia, PA. Our experts follow strict tree pruning guidelines and work tirelessly to help our customer’s trees thrive.

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