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Emergency Tree Services in Philadelphia PA

If you suddenly find yourself with a tree emergency in Philadelphia, Mercados Landscaping and Tree Service is the company to call. Our emergency response team is always available to handle fallen trees, storm damage, and other unforeseen tree emergencies. Contact us anytime at (215) 764-5509 and we will be on our way as fast as possible to help you with your urgent tree care needs. 

When it comes to tree emergencies, it is crucial to act fast and get a qualified team of tree experts to your property as soon as possible. Emergency tree services should only be handled by an experienced team of tree service professionals that can take care of any problem safely and quickly. Tree emergencies also require specialized skills and equipment to prevent causing extensive damage to the surrounding property or injuring any people in the vicinity. 

Attempting to handle a tree emergency without the proper equipment and experience can make a bad situation even worse. You can easily end up with collapsed or damaged property, broken or torn-off gutters and shingles as well as shattered windows. You may also end up incurring costly legal expenses if someone on your property gets injured due to improperly handling a tree emergency.

Reasons for Emergency Tree Services in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is consistently ranked as one of the top states for the most amount of annual rainfall. On average, almost 40 inches of rain falls in the state per year which means there are plenty of trees that are constantly being exposed to water. The wet conditions are responsible for a large number of trees leaning, falling over, and even uprooting.

It is very common for the roots of trees to get so waterlogged, they literally cannot support the tree’s weight anymore. As soon as the root system fails, nothing is preventing a tree from toppling over. If you find yourself with an emergency tree situation on your hands, act fast before it causes extensive damage or gets completely uprooted.

The wet conditions in Philadelphia also attract a lot of bugs, fungi, and parasites. Once these pests infest a tree, it causes significant stress that weakens the tree and makes it even more likely to fall over. Pest infestations can also cause a tree to rot which further compromises the tree’s structural stability.

Emergency tree services are also needed after a major storm or wind event due to the damage it may have caused. Some of the most common wind hazards include broken, dangling, or cracked limbs which can fall off at any time and cause serious damage to people and property. Removing storm-damaged trees as soon as possible is crucial to keeping the surrounding property safe and your family out of harm’s way.

24/7 Emergency Tree Services in Philadelphia

Mercados Landscaping and Tree Service is a full-service Philadelphia tree care company offering both emergency and non-emergency tree services. We are available around the clock to handle any type of tree emergency including storm damage, property damage, and diseased or infested trees.

Our emergency response team is always on standby to provide the fastest response time possible. We can even dispatch our team immediately in severe weather conditions or after a major storm event due to the high risk of fallen trees and other hazards.

Mercados Landscaping and Tree Service is also fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs during a tree removal or an emergency tree service, you will not be held liable for any damages since you are fully covered by our insurance policy.

Contact us today at (215) 764-5509 and discover why we are the number one choice of residential and commercial property owners when it comes to quality and affordable tree care services in Philadelphia. 

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